t-shirt-2 t-shirt-1 live-like-leya-2 live-like-leya-1 bracelets bracelets-2ornamentsSpeak! followers! We have a talented group of volunteers that have once again created Speak! Christmas ornaments for you this year. Available through Paypal, they are $8 for one and $12 for two, and this includes shipping! Various colors and finishes, and feel free to specify color, but we cannot guarantee your selected color due to the limited quantities——we will send them out first come first serve. Order yours now using the Paypal button below! Pink, Green, Blue and Teal. All proceeds go to support our animals and their needs!


Come check out all our SPEAK! products! All proceeds from products in our shop go to support the animals that we bring in to rescue. We have significant medical costs for these homeless animals, and your support makes that care possible!!

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Speak! is struggling these days with a lack of funds. This happens to all rescues at some point, and it seems we have had some very expensive health cases lately – nothing dramatic, but lots of medically intensive cases like Megaesophgus, heart and kidney conditions, as well as the ever present heart worm cases. So, we come to you with a request:

Do you work for organizations or own a business that would donate to our rescue? We are looking for everything from money (corporate sponsorship!) to gift cards to entire gift baskets, and unless it can be sent in the mail and/or redeemed locally, we need items to be local to the Columbus, OH area. Please send us a message to let us know what either you or your organization can contribute, and we will make sure that your organization also gets lots of great PR for the support. Thanks everyone!!!

And as always, if you feel moved by what we do, you donate via paypal:

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Contest Time!!!


Hello to all of our wonderful Speak! followers!! We want your help to spread awareness of our rescue and help us get to 10,000 followers on Facebook! You sharing our animals and mission is what helps us find our animals amazing furever homes!

Braille and Snickers are clearly sharing a very funny joke!! We want to see your funny, goofy, and just plain adorable pics of your pets! For every person who posts a picture in the comments section of this post on Facebook and shares the post you will be entered to win a Speak! T-shirt of your choice! We will draw a winner when we reach 10,000 followers!!


You can see all the current dogs available for adoption right here on our website.  Just scroll down or check out our Adoptable Pets page.

Merle to Merle Breeding … by Keller’s Cause




“Merle” is a desired coat pattern in several breeds. Breeding two merle patterned dogs together puts each puppy at a 25% risk of inheriting the merle gene from each parent. These puppies are called “double merles,” and they are often born with a mostly white coat.

Lack of pigmentation in certain areas causes developmental issues like deafness and blindness. A large majority of double merles are born with these issues, and they’re completely preventable.

Learn more here:


Meet SPEAK! St. Louis!!!

Hey everyone!! We wanted to take a moment and introduce a new branch of Speak! Meet Speak! St. Louis. This new branch of Speak! is carrying the same mission on, but just in a different state. Check out their first big adventure and make sure to follow them on Facebook!


st-louis-1 st-louis-3 st-louis-2

News & Updates

Lucy Needs Your Help!!

July 11th, 2016|0 Comments

Friends, we found ourselves with quite a situation on our hands this morning. Late last night, Lucy's foster mom had to rush her to MedVet with a fever of 105.5. After lots of testing, we [...]

Kroger Community Rewards

June 30th, 2016|0 Comments

We just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that has enrolled in Kroger Community Rewards!!!!! This is one of our biggest checks to date from Kroger and without everyone's support, we couldn't keep rescuing [...]

Making The Most of Terminally Ill Dog’s Final Month

January 18th, 2016|0 Comments

Making the Most of Termianlly Ill Dog's Final Month. Click here to read the full article on The Columbus Dispatch

Columbus Dog Fulfilling Bucket List

January 18th, 2016|0 Comments

Columbus dog fulfilling bucket list and encouraging others in her final months click here to see the fully story by Mindy Drayer.

Happily Furever After


July 29th, 2016|0 Comments

  "We adopted Olive a few months ago and she is doing fantastic! She's fully potty trained now and gets along with her siblings, Gabby and Clifford, wonderfully. She plays all day and sleeps hard [...]


January 18th, 2016|0 Comments

Christi from Grove City, OH says: "When our family first saw Harlow on Petfinder.com it was love at first sight, and we were eager to meet her to find out if she would be a [...]


January 18th, 2016|0 Comments

Connie from Grove City, OH says: "After the death of our Jack Russell, Rory, we knew we wanted another dog. Rescuing a small dog was are first choice. We found Honey on the web site [...]


January 18th, 2016|0 Comments

Robin from Columbus, OH says: "Hi . I recently adopted Buddy . He is a boxer mix that I met and instantly fell in love with 3 weeks ago at the Dash for dobes event. [...]

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